ESIM Membership

We encourage you to join the ESIM as a member and together we can facilitate the advancement of science, research, education and further training, to support an integrative approach to medicine and healthcare that focuses on the whole person.

Connect with Integrative Medicine Experts

Be a part of a growing community of experts who share your vision for an integrative approach to medicine and healthcare.

International Special Interest Groups

Enhance your opportunities to contribute to the growing field of research in integrative medicine by participating in special interest groups.

Conference Discounts

Members receive discounted prices to attend ESIM conferences.

Free Job Postings

Members can post adverts on our Career page at no cost.

Membership Costs

  • Full Member – 100 €/year
  • Student Member – 25 €/year


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All natural and legal persons whose professional activities are compatible with the objectives of ESIM may become full members of the society. In addition, legal entities of Integrative Medicine, whose professional activity is compatible with the objectives of ESIM can become full members including national societies of Integrative Medicine. Due to the international character of the ESIM, its members are active in many countries.

To discuss membership in more detail please contact Margit Cree at Tel: + 49 (030) 450 529 002 or email