Your Life and Cancer 2020 – optimising your health and wellbeing

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Date 7th August 2020

Your Life and Cancer 2020 – optimising your health and wellbeing

A brand new live interactive online event, Your Life and Cancer 2020, is being organised in partnership with the Yes to Life integrative medicine cancer charity and is aimed at supporting anyone whose life is affected by cancer.  Taking place over two weekends in September and October, Your Life and Cancer 2020 aims to provide reliable and evidence informed information on lifestyle changes and complementary therapies that can supplement conventional medical treatments to optimise health and wellbeing.

Your Life and Cancer 2020 has attracted a phenomenal line-up of 40+ international experts including world-famous oncologists, scientific pioneers, general practitioners and medics; leading functional medicine doctors and naturopaths and international best-selling authors.  Together they will share their expertise and experience on the benefits of integrating lifestyle and complementary approaches alongside conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

Prof Robert Thomas, Consultant Oncologist, at the Primrose Oncology & Research Unit at Bedford Hospital and long-time advocate of lifestyle medicine is presenting throughout the weekend and comments “If you, or a loved one is faced with a cancer diagnosis, knowing where to get trusted medical information is vital. The Yes to Life Charity promotes evidence informed lifestyle strategies that can improve well-being, reduce adverse effects, and lower the risk of relapse and improve long term survival. I look forward to being a part of this brand-new event that looks like it will be a wonderful resource for those living with or after cancer.”

Your Life and Cancer 2020 live-stream event, will be held over two weekends, 26th to 28th September and 10th to 12th October 2020, each with a different focus. On 26th to 28th September, the event focuses on an Introduction to Integrative Medicine, with speakers covering topics including lifestyle changes, supplements and the role of the microbiome in cancer care and prevention. The second weekend in October is entitled Expanding your Knowledge and takes a more in-depth look at different understandings of cancer and integrative treatment options, such as mistletoe therapy and hyperthermia, the role of hormones, and cancer as a metabolic disease.

The benefits of moving online has meant that a breathtaking line up of speakers from around the world have agreed to take part in Your Life and Cancer 2020.  Amongst them are leading integrative and lifestyle oncologists Professor Robert Thomas and Professor Donald Abrams; scientific pioneers Dr Valter Longo and Prof Thomas Seyfried; general practitioners and medics Dr Catherine Zollman and Dr Lauren MacDonald; leading functional medicine doctors and naturopaths Dr Patrick Hanaway and Dr Lise Alschuler and international best-selling authors Sophie Sabbage and Jane McLelland. For a full list of speakers visit

Each session will be interactive with two experts in a discussion-style exchange and a Q&A at the end in which the hosts will take your questions from the audience. 

This event may also be of interest to oncologists, doctors, nurses and therapists who are working with people who have had a cancer diagnosis and who might be interested in finding out more about the evidence behind Integrative Medicine and how this can be incorporated into conventional treatment plans.

Joining this online event could not be easier. There is no need to download any programmes or apps – you simply fill out a short registration form at

Delegates can attend either both weekends or only one, and sit in on all sessions or just those that interest them –  and with 30 minute intervals between sessions, there will be space to take a break and process the information. In addition, there is an On-Demand Wellness Area which is available to all attendees at any time during both weekends where they will find a mix of activities including breathwork, meditation and yoga which they can dip in and out of at a time to suit them.

Yes to Life is a cancer care charity which aims to provide information based on evidence to help people find out about Integrative Medicine. Focusing on a holistic approach to healthcare, Integrative Medicine treats the whole person rather than just the disease. It advocates the use of natural therapies and lifestyle changes in conjunction with conventional treatments.

To register for Your Life and Cancer 2020 visit  The early bird rates for those registering before 18th September 2020 is just £25 for one weekend.  For further information about this event, visit or email

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Yes to Life charity’s aim is to change attitudes and make integrative cancer care (combining the best of conventional and complementary approaches) readily available so more people have the best chance of reclaiming their health. For more information please go to

Your Life and Cancer is organised by Yes to Life and Progressive Communications Ltd, an events and communications company with an experienced team who have delivered events across a range of sectors with an emphasis on science and technology. Passionate about event organising and the sectors they serve.